Monday, February 25, 2008

Hostage Jeff Ake Fundraiser Big Success

From WSTB via Howie's Moisture Farm

Jeff Ake was a Rolling Prairie businessman in Iraq to help open a water bottling plant when he was kidnapped from the job site. That was April of 2005 and he hasn't been seen since.

To ease the financial burden on Ake's wife and four young children, family friends gathered in Downers Grove, Ill. to help them out Saturday night. That’s where Ake graduated high school and where more than 150 people gathered, donating at least $50 each to Ake's family who still lives in LaPorte.

April 11,of 2005 is seared in the minds of family and friends of Mr. Ake. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr Ake, his family and friends. Monetary donations would be very much appreciated if you so desire here

To up the ante for google hits Howies asks if you would link to the new website as such. It is on page 2 of google search and lets make it to page 1...k...:)
Jeff Ake - Terrorism Hits Home

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