Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Must Support Them! Heroes Of Our Time.

Everyone who has been reading this blog knows that N.O.W. has yet to stand up for their sisters in any other land but America and even then they have presented nothing but the usual support of worrying about how much women are oppressed here in the United States. They are selfish and their silence is deafening to all that are watching and listening to them. I submit that their relevance to life in the United States is no more.

They never speak of radical Islam or its effects on women and children that are living with Islam and being oppressed by Sharia law. They never speak of how crippling this is to even the men of Islam that are being raised to have no respect for anyone or anything other than Muslim men.
Please view this video that is brought to us by deelyn28 at You Tube who has been highlighting Islam and the effects on women and children in Islam. Visit her and take some time to look at all of her videos. I will be putting more up in the days and weeks ahead
Thank You!.


Third Zionist Whore said...

and support them we will. We don't need NOW!

SuperSekritZH#? said...

God Bless them.....may they one day be free of sharia/islam. Thank you ZH#3