Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update:Westboro Idiots Plans Protests Tonight at Memorial of Murdered Teenager Brianna Denison of Reno, Nevada!

The above picture was from a counter-protest at a fallen hero's funeral in Reno. I inadvertantly thought this was taken at the memorial for Brianna as the RGJ had the picture with the story. The following link is a slide show of the counter-protest the wonderful Reno residents did to hide the sadistict Westboro Baptist protestors. They braved the snow to assure family and friends didn't have to deal with these scum.

Angels in the Snow

Westboro came to spread their evil hatred at Brianna Deninsons memorial. They met up with over 150 patriots to counter them. Thanks Reno!

They left in a police van!

Video of Bri's Memorial

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