Thursday, April 1, 2010

(UPDATED - ATTN YouTube User orenc1978): No Hamas Sniper (Or Any) Videos Allowed

Update on No Women or Children Available To Hide Behind So Hamas Had To Release A Grainy Video Of The Killing Of 2 Israeli Soldiers(Jawa Report)

Grainy JihadTube video pwnd

Thanks everyone, the IDF will appreciate ehadi not gloating over the murder of two of their own. It's nice to help them out by doing a virtual butt kicking of a bad ghey JihadTube punk (Facebook HAMAS is using this image for propaganda -Ha!)

Unfortunately I failed to log the YouTube users name so if anyone knows who this user is please let me know so I could do a proper gloat.

Note to self - log!!

h/t KaineKaizer

Update: Thanks to Operation YouTube Smackdown member and TV personality person - Jer I found the JihadTube user "1D8535D7" was the title of this video.

I have something special just for orenc1978:

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