Friday, April 2, 2010

Stable PSA: Facebook - We Are the "March Of Honor" Flag Army, Flagging to Protect Our Troops

Please consider joining MOH Flagging Team and help fight Facebook Ehadi.

Join the March Of Honor "Flag Army"...This is "March Call" for the Fallen...Calling all Flaggers we are assembling...This is "Flag Call", Don't know what any of this means, come find out...Spread the word, we're tired of Jihadist Facebook fan Pages promoting the death of our soldiers in our Faces...This is Flag Call, This the Flag Army!
You will be in excellent company, MOH has several Vets, current military, and families of both. Do it for our troops, they will thank you!!

You may also consider joining March of Honor parent site.

Sound Off for the Fallen, Every Night 9-10pm Est...Leave your Roll Call Sound Off on the MOH Wall for our Troops.
More information about this organization here:
“A National Day of Recognition” is the vision of a father and son team from a small Connecticut town who have been looking to make a difference for soldiers and their families who have served, and currently serve in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. At March Of Honor Americans regardless of political affiliations or opinions on issues of war and peace can send 1st class mail postcards to President Obama, elected, appointed and respected officials with our MOH message..
Facebook Jawa Report is honored to have them on board to fight ehadi.

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