Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Israeli Day Parade in NYC: Who's Waldo Supporting Hamas?

Who is the new akhi in town? Yunnis Abdullah Muhammed of Revolution Muslim is not this guy I believe, ears, beard line are different. Maybe his brother, not akhi but real brother(Click to enlarge)

Unknown Waldo

Notice the change (1:22) in his expression and voice when asked "are you the South Park guy?"

Their are nine videos on this including one showing Mo in a bear suit carrying a Israeli flag. Ha!! Classic.... Lots of ehadi's such as a member from Islamic Thinkers society make an appearance in some of the videos.

I found this one from da tinkers, note the alQaeda logo:

I wonder, where is Zach? Is he hiding in mommies basement with his goat wife Umm Talha?

h/t Dan

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