Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facebook Copyright Trademark Violation by Muslim Facebook (Millat Facebook)?

Azhar Siddique (Advocate Millatfacebook)


Via everyonedrawmohammed.blogspot
This trademark infringing page has been set up as an alternative to facebook, and what do you know, he is part of the team that runs it. Now if I googled his name, where else do you think his name might show up? Hmm… Let’s give it a try... Well you get stories like this:
Read the rest. What it boils down to is Siddique was a rep of the Islamic Lawyers Forum that filed a petition to the high court in Pakistan to shut down Facebook.

This wasn't about blasphemy, this was about stealing a copyright...

h/t Rusty & ZP#5

Update: Correction in regards to copyright/trademark issues thanks to AW


A.W. said...

Aaron Worthing of everyone draw mohammed, here.

Actually small correction. Trademark is a recognizable name or symbol (literally a mark). Copyright is the right to a set of words. So BP is a trademark, so is Xerox (although they have diluted it themselves), as the golden arches of mcdonalds. none of those are copyrights.

And yea, this is as blatant a violation of american trademark laws as it gets.

But i would add that in my humble opinion, that this is not about stealing a trademark so much as stealing their business. Sowing deliberate trademark confusion would only be the first step.

Its just an object lesson in the dangers of censorship. Too often the censors have an ulterior motive, whether it is attacking political opponents or financial corruption. So even if we could all agree that certain messages should not be sent, you literally can't trust hardly anyone to police it.

If i was facebook's lawyers, I would sue them back to the stone age.

ZH#2 aka Allahakchew aka SH said...

Thanks, I stand corrected.

BTW, now that Facebook has caved and deleted the original EDMD to appease the Palestinians, are you the original EDMD?


A.W. said...

No, but i am the real slim shady. (sorry, couldn't resist.)

I would say molly norris still gets credit and in my humble opinion, i think she only reversed course out of fear. mind you, i don't base this on any information you can't find at my blog (use the molly norris label, there are only two posts), but yeah, imho, she got scared. And i don't even say that in a mean way, i mean we don't know how bad it got, so its kind of hard to judge. As a rule of thumb, i don't pick on people for not participating; i try to stay positive.

Btw, I think there is a confusion in the news reports. I don't think facebook removed it or the other 16 sites still participating that i know of, but instead i think they just said they blocked in pakistan, and the people in pakistan thinks that means the whole world. Also one guy reportedly set up an everyone draw mohammed page in millatfacebook, but by the time i learned of it, it was down, if it ever existed.

ZH#2 aka Allahakchew aka SH said...


A.W., yes of course. Molly likely received tons of death threats. It is her real name and those who wish to do her harm had it.

All of this is so crazy, hard to comprehend how a group a people demand we give up our freedom of speech.

Sad. actually, to think a image of Mohammed causes protests, death threats, and deaths. Hadiths suck and those who follow the words of the Hadiths suck.