Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jihad Tube: Ehadi Muhammed Zaib Khan's Video Threatens Violence Over Burqa Ban Cites Jawa Report

Mike Pechar, no fair. I'm jealous!! LOL

Via Rusty at Jawa Report
Belgium is investigating a video posted at YouTube that threatens violence in the wake of a ban on Muslim veils that cover the face. I've posted the video below.

The poster is named Muhammad Zaib Khan. In fact, we've run across Muhammad here before.

The biggest giveaway that he reads The Jawa Report? Check out this frame from the threatening video. I added the arrow [Read the rest.

I noticed who was linking to the video, something ZH#3 perfected at wikipaint after I mentioned it to her about the links:

The above site is in Arabic. I have automatic google translate turned on. So if Google provides auto translate why the F***ing hell can they not see what these people are doing. I call that a cop out, plain and simple for FB & Google. A person was translating FB pages,and I got thinking why? Google has their own f**king automatic translate, as you can tell from the screenshot above. Certainly Facebook can use the same tool. It also works on YouTube videos, etc.. Gawd, I am sick and tired of Google/Facebook only removing vid/sites quickly for fear of a lawsuit, as Rusty noted below about Google:
Why do you think Google is so quick to take down videos when their are copyright violations at stake? Because they are afraid of a lawsuit.

It's an odd moral compass that believes that free speech outweighs the value of life. We can kill jihadis, but we can't censor them.

Only when they are hit with a lawsuit from the relatives of dead Americans arguing that Google's complicity in the spreading of violent jihadi propaganda will they ever stop.
Indeed, as I said before Google, Wake The F**k Up!!!!!!


Brother Of The ForeverSabby said...

Good Questions all. This was always a frustration of Andrea (who runs SmackDown and helped Cele start SmackDownCorp where many of the wiki graduates now are), Backdoorman, and even StarCMC who was a graduate of that wiki are now there. That wiki is now defunct because Gerald (who opened the wiki at wetpaint for her when she approached him with her knowledge of YT threats she needed a place to do things where the bad guys couldn't read about it)he wanted to order her around and pit Star against her and all the other workers there. Gerald never believed in the work of the little group or Sabby ( who was the glue of that wiki) who never wanted to be in charge anyway. Gerald ..... in spite of the fact that Scout told him to just leave the wiki to the people that were actually doing the work as in Sabby and all the rest. Sabby was hurt and angry and left so the wiki died as we know it.
Because of her skills the even the Israeli security services picked up on what she was doing and use it. So do our own intelligence services.
In spite of all of this Gerald with the help of some of his acolytes have ruined her name in the anti jihadi world. This wiki was a loss as we see with the capture of Jihad Jane/Jamie.
Sabby if you read this I am so proud of you and know you continue your work against radical Islamic people in the world. We love you and know the truth!
David. Your Brother in GA, Formerly a anchor clanker.
Thanks go to you for publishing this. Hooah!

ZH#2 said...

You are most welcome - brother of Sabby.

Sabby said...

LOL I love you David! You must be feeling real good to post anything anywhere ..... I thought you were just a lurker everywhere! You know you are not supposed to tell my secrets it affects YT you know! But I thank you and love you very much. LOL you missed the TZH part????? That is good. Typical Navy man .... gonna have to sick one of our Air Force bro on you!!!