Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ribat Media Center: "Brothers of Revolution Muslim Visited Mujahideen of Jundullah"(Update)

Via ehadi favorite for spreading the word - Ribat Media Center

Video dated April 25th. This may have been posted before by Zacharyia "abu talhah al-amerike" Chesser or one of the others at Revolution Muslim. Looks vaguely familiar.

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UPDATE by Rusty: Just to clarify, Allahakchew isn't claiming that the Revolution Muslim brothers were the ones in Pakistan touring with this terrorist group. What she is noting is that the traitors at Revolution Muslim have branded a terrorist propaganda video with their own logo and are helping spread that propaganda.

In fact, if you look at the screenshot posted above the video closely, you'll see that it was the brothers at the Ribat Media Center who make the claim.

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Third Zionist Whore said...

By all means lets clarify!!!! That will not stop the fact that RevMus supports the Hassan shooter, AQI/Taliban, 9/11,JihadJane (sister Fatima) and Jamie,and every bad thing that happens to the US, our military in Iraq, all the military including the ones from allied countries, and Israel .... no matter how much they scrub that site we all have the snaped shots now don't we. So let's be sure to clarify!