Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Times Square meme and Troofer hypocrisy

Bluto has a great post over at TJR describing the left's new Times Square meme. He writes:
"the Left must find a new way to politicize the incident. Preferably a meme that will further polarize the nation and has a little blame Bush potential."
And as such, they laud the Obama administration's "law enforcement approach to terrorism."

But in following this line of thinking, the American Left and the MSM fall into the same trap of hypocritical conflicting narratives that consistently haunts the Troofers. For the Troofers, the logical fallacy is obvious - the dumbest President to live is somehow capable of masterminding the greatest conspiracy of all time.

Similarly, the MSM narrative praising Obama's "read 'em their rights" policy as the new way forward is at basic odds with the other prevailing MSM narrative - that the Times Square bomber is an incompetent buffoon. Colbert had an excellent mash-up on his show of press and administration officials describing the "amateurish" attack.

So here we have the MSM describing the idiot bomber without two brain cells to rub together - and yet law enforcement officials failed to detect him until his smoldering dud was spotted by an alert t-shirt salesman, and then let the terrorist within minutes of takeoff on an international flight? And the left wants us to believe that's a good thing?

And of course, it's now being reported that it was Army intelligence planes that were critical in locating Shahzad. Another nail-in-the-coffin for Obama supporters law enforcement only approach.

I'm not trying to disparage our police or intelligence agencies, who worked hard bring this guy in quickly (and continue to round up his associates). Nor is anyone advocating military strikes on domestic terrorists. I'm just saying that if this tool can get this close, shouldn't we be reevaluating the currently used methods, rather than singing their praises? (I'm looking at you here, lefties)

Related: Obama is reportedly preparing to announce a new "Homeland Security Jobs Bill" to use home sec funds to hire 20,000 new t-shirt vendors in major cities across America.

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