Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ehadi Forum: Hey Guys Watch This Taliban Child Beheading Video


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((( The Beheading of the Murtad Spy, Ghulam Nabi )))

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Interestingly enough, TC told me "I just watched my first up close beheading", which happens to be the same one the ehadi's above are recycling. The one TC watched was uploaded 06/06/09 on <-----------WARNING WARNING - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!!!!The video shows a 12yr old Taliban Child beheading a so called spy.

Rusty first posted news of this in April of 2007: Taliban Child Beheads American "Spy": The Return of Zarqawi Chic

In May 2007, Howie posted video frames : Taliban Child Beheading Uncensored Video Frames *Bumped*<-----------------WARNING WARNING - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!!!

I have watched a lot of beheading videos but this one has got to be the most brutal I have ever seen. Imagine the strength of a 12yr old, keep that thought before viewing video/uncensored video frames (our frames were being hotlinked so you will see one boobie/mo image in case you view).


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