Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jawa Report: Another Online "Pal" of Rusty's Found Guilty on Terror Charges

And thus ends the saga of "Shiekh Umar Rabie, Emir of al Qaeda in the UK". I haven't commented publicly on this for some time because I was involved in the case. I testified at Ishaq Kanmi's terrorism trial last year and was asked not to comment publicly, but now that he's plead guilty that commitment has passed.

I don't think I'm giving away too much when I say that long before UK authorities had "The Blackburn Resistance " under surveillance, they were on our radar screens.

Why? Because a year before the "Emir of al Qaeda in the UK" threatened to kill Britain's Prime Minister on what was then the most credible and connected jihad forum, he had made a similar threat on another forum. The earlier threat, though, was not only against British politicos, but against any one who had voted for Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

He also sent the call out for suicide bombers. Funny that no one volunteered.

And so "Umar Rabie" was on our radar screen. Eventually four members of the "Blackburn Islamic Resistance Movement" were arrested, three of whom have been convicted on terrorism related charges.

Of the MSM articles I've seen on the case, this one from This is Lancashire seems to have the most complete coverage. Here's some of it:
Read it all...

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