Friday, May 14, 2010

Chile Cops Raid House Of Embassy Detainee's Friend

(AP) SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Police spent hours Thursday searching the apartment of an Egyptian man who was friendly with a Pakistani national arrested at the U.S. Embassy as part of a terrorism investigation.

Officers dressed head-to-toe in white anti-contamination suits carried out a computer, compact discs, an agenda and a cellular phone, police said. The Egyptian man who reportedly befriended Mohammed Saifur Rehman Khan at a Santiago mosque wasn't seen by reporters outside, and police released no information about him.

Khan, 28, is being held for a week under Chile's anti-terrorism laws while being investigated for alleged explosives violations. He was summoned to the embassy Monday because his U.S. visa had been revoked, and arrested after security equipment detected traces of explosives on cell phone and papers.

Authorities have not publicly identified the explosive, but the Chilean newspaper La Segunda reported it was Tetryl, a compound used to increase the explosive power of TNT. Police in white suits also took away Khan's computer earlier this week.

Colleagues and acquaintances say Khan, 28, is a calm and gentlemanly man who doesn't fit the popular image of a terrorist.
What exactly is the popular image of a terrorist? Sheesh...

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