Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pakistani Taliban claim New York Times Square bomb attempt

Sources report that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan are claiming responsibility for the failed Times Square car bomb attempt this morning.


Edit: While I located this independently, it seems I got scooped by freerepublic, so here's a link to their post.

Update by ZH#2 (Note: I am crediting ZP#5)

Mr. Strangelove, BSc, MA: Bill Roggio is credited for breaking this story. See Jawa Report: "Qari Hussain Mehsud from Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan accepts the recent Attack on Times Square" Do not, I repeat do not pwn these YouTube videos/channels

Good work Zionist Pimp#5!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update III by ZH#2: Video gone, Feds must have the info, I hope, YouTubenever reacts this fast

Update IV by ZH#2: Failed bomber making excuses?
Local NYC Channel Reports: Failed Bomb At Times Square Was A "Diversion" For Massive Explosion
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Thanks to ZP#5


ZH#2 said...

Excellent ZP#5.

Weird the Taliban are claiming this.

Third Zionist Whore said...

Very excellent job ZP#%

Yes, I have been monitoring this in between the paperwork that has to get done by tomorrow morning. I if you will remember what I told you about our southern border it is not something that I doubt. Not to mention the fact that we have a "few" very well known Islamists smack dab in the middle of NY, (Viginia, Ohio, DC, Charlottes N.C. and Atlanta, GA, Houston/Dallas, TX *all of these are hotbeds for terrorsim) that are so very well known for their support of AQI and the Talibs.Their street Dawa, web sites and their mosques preach this subversive shit to all dissatisfied, criminal, and mentally ill person that they can find to become a moslem. These people will be easily manipulated .... and they are more than likely to be black or white rather than middle eastern in appearance.