Friday, May 7, 2010

Hostages: Andre Durant, Callie Scheepers, Johann Enslin and Hardus Greeff Are Alive

Awesome news!

IOL [Hanti Otto]
Andre Durant and his colleagues who were kidnapped in Iraq are alive. The best proof of life after they were kidnapped three-and-a-half years ago was a clandestine phone call to his older brother, Pierre.

"It was Andre. I spoke to him in Afrikaans and asked him three questions that only he would know the answers to," Durant stated.

Andre's wife, Lourika, said: "I nearly jumped out of my skin from joy when I heard about the call. My husband is really alive."

Andre, Hardus Greeff, Callie Scheepers and Johann Enslin were working as security guards for Safenet Security Services in Iraq when they were stopped by men in police uniforms on December 10, 2006.[Read it all]
They have been torutured and only given food every third day. Be sure to read it all.

I pray someone, somewhere finds them soon and reunites them with their families.

Thanks to Hanti Otto & all things hostage related:Vicki

Lourikas Durant's website devoted to her husband's release: Find Andre
A Plea for South African Hostages in Iraq

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