Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mohammed Cartoonist Lars Vilks Attacked In Uppsala (Updated)

NT TV. It's in Swedish. Googlish translate:
The controversial artist Lars Vilks överfölls at a lecture in Uppsala on Tuesday afternoon.

More people pounced on him and the more saturated kind to him.
- It was quiet at first but then threw himself a man sitting in the front row of Vilks and suddenly he had two more people about it. All dimensions are kind to him, "says Tor Jonsson, UNT's photography on site.
- The man sat in the front row and suddenly came rushing towards me. He gave me a "Danish," and I went into the wall and lost his glasses, "says Vilks said.

After the attack Vilks was in safety.
- I'm not injured, but a bit bruised, "he said.
Two people were arrested in attack

Watch video here


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Update: Here is a site in English. Saw the link at FB Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. FB user Maryam Muslimah had this to say about the attack:


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