Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Failed Times Square VBIED Perp Wants Halal Meals

Update: New image above thanks to Sun of Whores (San Diego)

Let him eat what everyone else does.
Federal marshals loomed over the 30-year-old Pakistani-American as he sat in a gray shirt and pants and stared at Judge James C. Francis IV.

Shahzad uttered a faint "yes" when the judge asked if his affidavit of financial insufficiency was correct, meaning that Shahzad could not afford private counsel. Judge Francis then appointed public defender Julia Gatto to represent him. Shahzad's only request of the judge was that he be provided with halal meals – food that follows Islamic dietary restrictions.
Luckily, Shahzad failed in his attempt to murder numerous people for the sake of Allah. Had he succeeded, those people would never eat again. Screw the halal meals.

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