Monday, May 3, 2010

Times Square VIED: U.S. Officials Finding Foreign Links to New York Bomb Plot

U.S. law enforcement officials say there is growing evidence the Times Square bomber had ties to radical elements overseas and did not act alone.

One senior official said the individuals involved "are living here and did not come from overseas to carry out the bombing." [...]

"This is moving very fast because they left behind a treasure trove of evidence in the unexploded car," one US official told ABC News.

Officials told ABC News Senior Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas that the Connecticut owner of the vehicle told them he had sold the Nissan SUV last month in an unrecorded sale to an "Arabic or Latino looking man" in his 20's or 30's, for a few hundred dollars in cash.
Pretty stupid wanna be jihadist eh? Well, at least they have their crotch in tack. Although more than likely full of shit(literally). Look for poopy whitey tightys discarded nearby.

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