Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sheik Faisal and Revolution Muslim

An addition to this post by Howie at the Jawa, reporting on the connection between Sheik Faisal of Jamaica, NY bomb loser Faisal Shahzad, and our dear friends at Revolution Muslim.

Sheik Faisal is set to give regular live internet talks, these lectures having been arranged by Abu Saif of Revolution Muslim. Indeed, the first of these lectures have already occurred. Curious about what he has to say? He's scheduled to speak again today at 4EST today.

But it seems Sheik Faisal has a bit of a problem - he's broke. As Howie pointed out from the original NPR article, the Sheik showed up for his interview only to demand payment, and wouldn't allow recording without money. What's more, Revolution Muslim is requesting paypal donations right on their home page to support Sheik Faisal. An insider tells me he's even having trouble affording an internet connection, and has been broadcasting from a local net cafe. Such a shame! But if he's having such trouble with money, it goes to show how deep the connection is between Revolution Muslim (who arranged and paid for the lectures) and the convicted felon Faisal. Who, it's worth reiterating, has connections to several attempted and successful terrorist attacks besides Shahzad.

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