Monday, January 21, 2008

3...2...1 How Long Before France Runs ???

I wonder how much longer France will continue in their obligation to provide troops to the UN mission in Afghanistan? Nicholas Sarkozy was on a visit to Saudi Arabia and we find in the news that France is being threatened by Al Qaeda through Fathia Mejatti , the widow of Karim Mejjati. Mrs. Mejatti lives in Morocco. The story is here.

"France will no longer be set apart nor be protected", she said, adding French foreign policy is currently aligned with that of the United States and France's political independence in the period of former President Jacques Chirac no longer exists.

Referring to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to Saudi Arabia, Mejjati said the trip was to sell arms to fight Muslims.

Karim Mejatti was a French- Moroccan born terrorist and was heavily implicated as the "mastermind" of the Madrid train bombing and the Casablanca bombings as well as the Riyadh bombings. He was killed in 2005 in a Saudi Arabian shoot out with fourteen others. The Washington Post did one of the best stories on him in my opinion. You may find the story at this link.

France, my dear, you have been at war with all those "yutes" rioting --- where is your pride? Are we to surmise that only your president has courage?

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SuperSekritZH#? said...

Fwance has the runny poops and best take some imodium ad
Seriously....someone needs to have the uhmm to start standing up to this bullshit instead of allowing their country to slowly die. Islam is a disease that kills and destroys everything in its path including those who follow it. For some, it takes longer but eventually it kills.