Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rusty at Jawa in Da News. Taliban sites Observed going Off Line!

An Article in titled "Vigilante web users fight back in online war on terror" details
Internet Haganah:

The most prominent counter-insurgent network – the independent US-based Internet Haganah research project - says it has so far successfully tracked more than 1000 websites and contacted servers to shut them down.

The author also interviewed Dr Rusty from Jawa
One online counter-insurgent who has successfully tracked extremist sites for the past four years told like many Western forums the extremist discussions include sharing secrets on how to pirate anything from operating systems to mobile ring-tones.

"But the vigilante – a US resident who wishes to be identified only as “Rusty” – said the most common software discussed were image, sound and video editing applications – the sort used to produce propaganda with high production values.

“The quality of the videos and the propaganda is just so much better than it was two years ago,” Rusty said. “They’re savvy - cyber-savvy.”

In one 30-minute period tracked five websites used by the Taliban in Afghanistan being shut down following their unmasking by vigilantes.
Rusty said the extreme content of the early beheading videos had outraged him so much he started using his computer skills to do something about it.

Kudo's to all who helped and also the providers who took them offline!:
The total count of websites from that 5 has added up to 35+ websites pwnd of the Taliban by Jawa's!

............You Suck Taliban!...........

God it feels good to be a gansta...


Third Zionist Whore said...

and we will kill your sites and propaganda when and where ever we find them and you suck at being smart. As long as you are on the internet we can find you. As long as you fight you will be eliminated --- no matter where you go.

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Yea, what she said!