Thursday, January 17, 2008

CAIR Bullies Michael Savage.....Wait

Michael Savage and David Horowitz Sez "No Way"
h/t Ragnar Danneskjold, R.I.N.O. Hunter at My Pet Jawa

CAIR, famous for lawsuits for furthering their agenda for Sharia law for ALL of us in America, apparently has picked on the wrong person as they have done in the "John Doe"..remember "Flying Imams" lawsuit? They are involved in numerous lawsuits such as this one vs them.. US Governments "Holy Land Land Foundation".... They think they have partially won that...not!
Whether you like Michael Savage or not he deserves your support in this...this is about America and our freedom of speech. CAIR and others want to use our laws against us so they can reach their ultimate goal....the caliphate...... sharia law.
The Stable prefers to live under The Constitution of the United States of America and not the barbaric form of governing....Sharia law...We love America too much to see that happen..Please check out Savages link and show your support...also for updates on this lawsuit. Our Founding Fathers will thank you.


KittyLeap Zionist Hore said...

I have been waiting for CAIR to be hoisted on their own petard. Americans are learning more and more and are not liking what they see. Go Savage --- we will back you up!

Anonymous said...

Yep, CAIR has a long history of legal jihad. Lets see how they like having the tables turned.