Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Stable Stands With Jawa

The on going backlash of supporting blogger Lionhearts freedom of speech but not whom Lionheart supports..BNP...has spilled over to The Jawa Report.
Rusty posted this article about LGF & Lionheart.
Unfortunately, Rusty has now been a target redicule simply because he doesn't like BNP and what they stand for. He stated he still supported the scumbags freedom of he has been called a traitor....sure is a funny way of being thanked for supporting freedom of speech.
That said I feel there has been way too much time spent on this bullshit. I don't give a damn how this started, I read the novel dammit, but I do give a damn about why! The "why" is BNP and their supporters. Not freedom of speech, but supporting BNP...WTF is that all about, is their strings attached to supporting him?
We at the Stable ONLY support his freedom of speech. If that bothers anyone frankly I don't give a damn....I am using my freedom of speech!

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KittyLeapHore said...

I second that motion. I stand with Rusty. Night all.