Monday, January 21, 2008

Zawahari... Why Non-Iraqi Mujaheddin Discrimination?

Looks like discrimination hits everywhere these days, even alQaida. The following is one of many (over questions sent to the guy who can't read...go figure. I guess Adam the non- American terrorist has pink eye and can't read to the bruised head guy. That happens when you have your head where it doesn't belong. On to the partial list from the article
1. One, allegedly a former Arab al-Qaida fighter in Iraq, complained about Iraqi fighters discriminst non-Iraqi mujaheddin.
2. Should followers be focusing their jihad, or holy war, against Arab regimes, or against Americans?
3.Some wanted to know when al-Qaida will be more active in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
The end of the article states that many are frustrated because alQaeda isn't doing more....well yah, they have taken a beating idjits. Wonder if the idjits remembered to hide their ....never mind, no sense telling them.

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