Monday, January 21, 2008

Missing... Briana Denison of Reno Nevada

A friend asked me to post this. Lets pray for her safe return. I checked the Amber Alert and nada....what in the hell is up with that? Come on Nevada...(note..I erred on this, Amber Alert is for 17 and under)

Denison, a student at Santa Barbara City College, was staying with friends near the University of Nevada, Reno around 4 a.m. Sunday.

"We're treating this as an abduction case right now," Lt. Robert McDonald of the Reno Police Department told FOX News. "A small amount of blood on her pillow is of interest to us."
"Denison is described as white, 5-feet tall, 98 pounds, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. Investigators say she may have been wearing light blue or pink sweat pants.

"Detectives are looking for a man who dropped off a friend of Denison's at the house where Denison went missing. The subject, described as a 45-year-old white man, drove a beige or light brown Chevrolet or GMC Suburban.
Detectives this morning also discovered that a 2-foot tall brown stuffed bear with white on the belly and multi-color balloons is missing. The bear is believed to be in Denison's possession."
Anyone who may have information on Denison's whereabouts, or who sees the stuffed bear or has information about the driver of the SUV, should call the Reno Police Department at (775)334-2121, or Secret Witness at (775)322-4900."
Reno Gazettte Journal
Also at "MPJ"


El Cid said...

Yep. WE have to rid our country of terrorists, also.

People such as the piece of dung, that abducted this lovely young lady, are to be considered, terrorists.

We don't execute enough of this kind of person. We let them plea for their life and a reduced, meaning no death penalty.

We house these bastards, feed them, give them TV's, free health care, exercise. ALL this on American taxpayer money.

Ropes, ammunition...hell even guillotines, is what is needed. To be done in public.

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Nevada does have the death penalty and lets hope that catch this scum. It has been 2 days...that is not good.

Third Zionist Whore said...

She is lovely. Prayers up. I agree with the two of you. Dear lord in heaven bring this child home.

Super, The death penalty is on "hold" right now --- until it is resolved as to if it is cruel. What irony.