Friday, January 18, 2008

Muslims Against Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate

Seems rather sensible they would be suing, that is what they do to silence critics and in the meantime like the extra cash from the lawsuit for ?. It is ironic that Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate is being sued for hate.
"Because they Hate" by Brigette Gabriel of American Congress for Truth comes to mind.
"Muslim groups sue counter-terror activist
Claim they were threatened by his protest tying organization to"Hamas"
From 2008

A counter-terrorism activist has been sued for protesting an amusement park event sponsored by a Muslim group accused of helping finance the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.
Joe Kaufman of Florida-based Americans Against Hate says he was at the Six Flags Over Texas park in Arlington Oct. 14 to demonstrate against the Islamic Circle of North America, or ICNA.

Kaufman, writing in FrontPageMagazine, said his purpose was to expose ICNA's alleged ties to the financing of Hamas.

ICNA was the top donor to the Pakistan-based charity Al-Khidmat Foundation, Kaufman pointed out, which gave $99,000 to the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal.

"I believed that the public had a right to know about it," he explained

Please read it all as has loads of info on this lawsuit CAIR involved you ask?.... Yes


El Cid said...

I did read...BUT stopped right here: Muslim groups...:).

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Quite a concept I would say...muslims against hate against
exposing of their hate....tonque twister...:)

Third Zionist Whore said...

The only thing CAIR hates is being exposed. I be thinking that they will lose this law suit because people are getting wise to legal jihad. Can't happen soon enough.

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Turd hore, having read most of Horowitz writings..I thought, CAIR what where you thinking?

Third Zionist Whore said...

Thinking CAIR as well but will not be surprised when all muslim groups do the same with great regularity.