Thursday, January 17, 2008

WTF? Stuck on Stupid..Russian Jihad Propoganda

h/t Our favorite master... Dr Rusty!
"This video is actually being circulated by jihadists in the Russian Caucuses as proof that jihad is alive and well against the infidel Russian imperialist crusaders. You'll notice it's produced by "The Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses"---al Qaeda's Russian affiliate."

"Of course, by the end of the short video all the jihadis are dead. Islamotards."

Thanks to the Russian troops the jihadi propoganda kinda fails. When the jihadi are all dead in the end and the Russians are left standing it shows how stupid these jihadi guys really are...they enjoy watching their own get killed...weird people or as Rusty sez...Islamotards..ROFLMAO

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KittyLeap Zionist Hore said...

This is just sad. What is this a "how not to" flick? The pathetic thing about this is they think they are looking at something that is just awesome --- I guess they are right awesome stupidity.