Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mohammed Chicken Chip Brand!

World Net Daily
"Politcal TV host fed up with "PC" Islam and will devour cookie with face of Prophet Mohammed."
Flamethrower TV to do the honors of showing how to eat Mohammed the correct way? Moltov Mitchell stated "we are going to take a stand and say Mohammeds face is delicious." The interesting part is "Moltov" lives somewhere in North who do we all know lives there? If you said Inshallahshaheed you would be correct! Maybe he could also eat him, fair game I would say....ROFLMAO..
Be sure to visit World Net Daily link to see video of Moltov devour Mohammed
Update, I forgot to add that chicken chip mohammed is eaten by an infidel Christian...oh my..


Third Zionist Whore said...

Well, this comment is going to sound like one of our guys at JAWA. I am sure that Samir would derive great joy from "eating" Mo in a totally different sense if the murederous insane man had not been dead for well over a thousand years! LOL :)

KittyLeap Zionist Hore said...

Very dirty mind TZH. You have been listening to MPJ too long --- it is true though.