Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is Earlier Arrest by Israeli linked to Bombed Syrian Reactor?

From WND Aaron Klein
Something to ponder. Could this militant have given information about Syria's reactor? Only time will tell, remember Syria sez...what reactor" and after the bombing kept quiet until they could clean the site up. Must have sucked for Syria to apparently get busted for their nuclear ambitions. NYT's reports they are rebuilding it.. Remember though, it is the Joooos fault....teh..right.

By Aaron Klein
© 2008
"Israel arrested a suspected Syrian militant operating on Israeli soil accused of preparing attacks against the Jewish state, WND has learned.
The militant was arrested July 29, weeks before Israel's Sept. 6 air raid on a remote site in Syria that has been described by independent analysts and some U.S. politicians as a potential Syrian nuclear reactor.

Security officials would not say whether the arrest was tied to the air strike. According to security sources, his activities were known to Israeli intelligence agencies for at least one year prior to his arrest.

Sources indicated the arrest was ordered as part of a series of other steps taken to ensure against Syrian retaliation following the Israeli air raid.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out the September air raid after earlier denials but has given no details on the target, which some analysts have said was a nascent Syrian nuclear reactor constructed with the aid of North Korea.

Earlier this week, an independent monitoring group told the New York Times that Syria has commenced construction on a new building at the same site bombed by Israel."

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Anonymous said...

Building anew at the same site? Hmmm. Set up on their part to get those mean old Israelis to take it out again?