Thursday, January 24, 2008

Expert Says Terrorist Attacks In Europe Inevitable

This is an interesting conversation with an expert in terrorism that works in a British "think tank". His contention is that bomb making supplies are so inexpensive and radical ideology is so strong in every country where Muslims reside that it is inevitable that more terror attacks will occur. I think with the latest disruption of the planned attack by three radical Muslims in Frankfurt, Germany that perhaps he is right. This is a very good read and talks about how inexpensive it is to make bombs. The Madrid train bombing only cost $10.000.
Here is a bit of the story.

Ayers said UK surveys of Muslims conducted after the London bombings showed 50 per cent of the population considered themselves to be Muslim first, and British second. He said 25 per cent thought suicide bombings were a legitimate form or political expression.

"The lessons are clear, this is not a problem confined to the United Kingdom or countries engaged in combat in Iraq, " Ayers told AKI.

"Iraq is a rallying cry but it is not the cause. This is a terrible clash of cultures that transcends boundaries."

Read the rest it is a good quick read.

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SuperSekritZH#? said...

With alQaida openly wanting to set up shop they damn well get a handle on this. Like I said, Britian will become Britianstan before long...