Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Al Qaida Has Problems Tissues Needed

According to this article in the US News alQaeda feels isolated....cry me a river..also their media is not doing so well.
That would explain why so many jihadi online are wondering...."where's alQaeda, all we are seeing is old videos."
They don't like re-runs I guess and what with the writers strike.

"The remaining top al Qaeda leaders are increasingly isolated and have growing difficulty directing plots, according to Dell Dailey, a retired lieutenant general who serves as the State Department's counterterrorism coordinator."

"We see them with much, much less central authority and much, much less capability to reach out," Dailey told a group of defense reporters this morning. "They can't centrally plan aspects from where they are located, whether it's Pakistan or not, and their franchise folks aren't very good."

"The one area where al Qaeda has this centralized reach capability is in the media," he said. "They have not been able to build back their centralized, core strike capability."

.......I guess that is what happens when our bombs hit the studios, Gawdaham gets pick eye, geh guy always hitting forehead and well UBL can't dig out of his grave. Add to that people pwng their websites....teh more..
h/t Howie

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Third Zionist Whore said...

Oh my! It is getting mighty hard to keep that dreambeat of "the mighty mujahadeen are winning" isn't it? Sucks to be them.